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The calendar reads November. But here in Carpenter Country the door to summer remains open. And on days when the thermometer pushes eighty, ice cream sodas make up the menu.

We need Dogwoods painted in blazing reds and purples to put us in a fall mood. Oaks tinged with gold would surely switch us over to cocoa, hot tea and holidays.

Unfortunately Mother Nature’s palette consists mainly of muddy orange, mixed with faded greens and browns.

Where is the North wind?

As if in answer, a cold front moves in. At last the weather turns crispy and dry. Russet leaves fly off the Sycamore and flutter to the ground. The splendor of autumn arrives and leads us to the joy of Thanksgiving.

What could be better?

We’d better hurry though. The cool wave may be over quickly. Tropical air might return tomorrow.

And what will we do if the Chrysanthemum month turns balmy again?

We’ll carve our turkey under a beach umbrella.

Summer. Winter. Spring. Fall. A Happy Holiday to all!

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