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Alone in a darkened office, hunched over a computer keyboard, a mysterious champion races against a deadline to defeat a threatening tax code.

Who is that calculating crusader? A presidential candidate? A targeted “high-income” individual?

No! It’s…TAXPRO!

Faster than a legislating congress, able to hack through tax forms with a single eraser, TaxPro diligently deducts, for the benefit of taxpayers across the land.

“With a few quick calculations, TaxPro saved me from the evil clutches of Minimum Tax,” says one admiring groupie, who still shudders at the memory of a close encounter with the Alternative Tax Universe. “What a hero!”

Members of the Senate Finance Committee are less enthralled. An internal e-mail, leaked to the press earlier this week, reads in part, “We’re obviously not doing our job if someone can make sense of the code. Who is this TaxPro anyway?”

The question may never be answered. The Institution of Certifiable Public Accountants refuses to divulge the identity of TaxPro, but admits the Calculating Crusader does not work alone. “Like Santa Claus, TaxPro has helpers,” says Icahnn Count, ICPA’s spokesperson. “During the festivities of the April filing season, even a superhero gets taxed.”

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