Super Bowl

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The holidays are over and here in Carpenter Country the short one has already celebrated this year’s birthday. Now it’s on to other things.

But what–paint a room, plant a garden, host a get-together? Or how about a trip to Arizona for Super Bowl XLII?

Front row seats at the University of Phoenix stadium on Sunday to watch the Giants and Patriots kick the ball around would be–pardon the pun–super!

Also super would be listening to Jordin Sparks sing our national anthem, Alicia Keys provide pre-game entertainment and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers liven up the stage at halftime.

True, there are plenty of security restrictions and the crowds would be horrendous. On top of that, the cost of a ticket would be out of sight.

That is if we could get a ticket.

Being novices, we failed to realize our names had to be entered into a random drawing a year ahead of time–and only if we got lucky would we be eligible to buy Super Bowl tickets.

After that dismaying discovery there was talk about trying to book a flight to Phoenix to attend some of the great events that happen during game week.  Unfortunately, by the time discussion turned into action most of the notable programs were over.

It’s too bad because we’d have liked to join the fun at the Downtown End Zone Party, check out the NFL Experience built by Home Depot and see the fireworks at the first ever Super Bowl Saturday Night celebration.

Good thing the game will be televised.

And good thing we have a new big screen TV.

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