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Over the years, I’ve read about the dangers of sunburn, and that it’s possible to guard against damaging ultraviolet rays by using sunscreen, protective clothing and dark glasses. Not protecting yourself, the experts warn, can lead to cancer, eye problems and dry, wrinkled skin.

I know about the wrinkled skin part. A look in my mirror shows more lines, splotches and brown spots than a Carpenter Country road map.

I also know those UV rays are no laughing matter. But since I love sitting in the sun’s bright light, I’m ever hopeful for some good news. After all, my mother never told me to go out and play in the shade.

Okay, maybe it’s time to do another reality check. Surely Google can find a good report somewhere for us sun lovers.

What my search turns up is that wrinkles and sagging skin are often due to the force of gravity, or even too much frowning. Dehydration and stress may be the reason for dry, itchy legs, elbows and arms. Plus a lack of sunshine can cause depression as well as a shortage of Vitamin D.

And where is the best place to lighten a mood and increase the vitamin that protects hearts, minds and bones?

Let’s have a big smile and a drum roll for old Mr. Sol!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading outside to add another wrinkle to my body. As John Denver used to sing–Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

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