Summer in Florida

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Ah, Summer in Florida! It’s a wonderful thing. Every day the weatherman’s forecast is the same: Chance of rain: 50%. Temperature: morning lows in the 70’s, afternoon highs in the 90’s. Our old thermometer reads a little steeper on the high end, but who’s complaining? The result is the same: if you put on shorts in the morning, you can still wear shorts in the evening.

Summer in Florida means all our winter residents have gone north and many of those that live here year around have sped off to vacation somewhere else.

For the “Stay At Home Crowd,” Summer is when we move into Southern-slow mode.

Cool mornings make venturing out a pleasure. The roads are less congested. The stores are less jammed. The restaurants have plenty of tables. The beach has miles of vacant sand. The movie theater has an over-abundance of seats. And there’s room on the greens.

Heat wave afternoons usually find us back home in our air conditioned house where there’s always a crossword puzzle to solve, a jigsaw puzzle to put together, a good book to read (like Flirting with Pete by Barbara Delinsky–delightful!) or a nap to take.

Ah, yes. Summer in Florida. It’s a wonderful thing.

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