Essay — Staying Awake

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August is usually a yawn, but this year the Olympics, followed by Curiosity landing on Mars, kept me from falling asleep.

Unfortunately, since the Olympic flame left London last Sunday (Yea! America won forty-six gold medals!) and NASA’s rover is undergoing a “mobility checkout,” the rest of the Gladiolus month looks pretty boring.

I need something to do before 2030 when the exciting news will be about astronauts walking on the dusty Martian surface.

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Maybe a trip to Hard Rock and a day at the slots would keep my eyelids from drooping…except I’ve already made my donation for this summer. Someone suggested the beach and a swim in the ocean, but Shark Week made me change my mind. Those guys have big teeth.

A cross-country drive, or a hike on the Appalachian Trail, might jazz me up. If only the weather forecast was for less rain and heat than we have in Carpenter Country…

Probably best to forgetabouteverything, stay indoors where it’s cool, and sleep until September.

Wait, I just remembered there is something else that could rival the Olympics for media coverage, and generate even more pictures than a Mars landing: the presidential election.

But that’s already been going on for months, and with all the punch, knock, whack, and faultfinding, it’s quickly becoming another been there, done that moment.

I guess it would be easier to stay awake if a woman were running for president.

Hopefully, I won’t have to wait until 2030 for that.


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