State of Confusion

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Here in Carpenter Country, we’re wondering if global warming is real…or if we’re merely experiencing a Valentine’s Day flight of fancy.

Once upon a time it did seem Mr. Sun’s rays touched us with much friendlier warmth. Reclining in a lounge chair with a book on a pleasant winter afternoon invited relaxation and sometimes even a nap. But these days, instead of a gentle caress, old Sol’s rays feel more like a nip, a pinch or a tweak.

So it could be we are living in a changed environment. The daytime sky does appear to have taken on a new feature. Everywhere we look–north, south, east and west–vapor trails from passing planes streak the heavenly blue with ugly white lines.

And the night sky has hardly fared any better. In years past, the dark canopy overhead often sparkled with millions of stars. Now we can barely see the Milky Way through the light pollution. Perhaps all building and growth should stop?

Or maybe not. Humans have continually redesigned the planet. Mother Nature has always been unpredictable.

Possibly what we perceive as climatic and habitat changes are merely a figment of our imagination. After all, warming and cooling trends and their future effect on our stomping grounds have been debated for more than forty years and nothing bad has happened yet.

Has it?

Please forgive us if we sound conflicted. We’ve just finished reading Michael Crichton’s latest book, State of Fear, a novel that left us with this message: Never be sure of anything.

We no longer are, and we’re sending virtual hearts and flowers to Mr. Crichton for putting us in this state of confusion.

Happy February 14th to everyone else. At least Valentine’s Day is one thing we can be sure of. We think.

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