St. Paddy’s Day

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No matter where our ancestors came from, most of feel a little Irish on March 17th.

Of course, there are many degrees of Irish. People blessed with a wee smidgen may just put on a green blouse or tie and go out to their favorite restaurant for corned beef and cabbage.

Those who like to wear more green might opt to shop. The web site carries some wonderful items, such as sterling silver Irish coin bracelets, shamrock shirts, tees, neckties, caps and bandanas. Owning a “Book of Kells” mouse pad could put you in a Gaelic mood year round.

For the really true sons and daughters of the old sod, the Emerald Isle is the only place to be. A plane hop and a skip will get you to Dublin for a week of spectacular events. The fun starts on March 11th , with street theater, music, dance, treasure hunts, hot air alloons, free concerts and (may your glass always be full) gallons of Guinness.

Here in Carpenter Country, while we’d love to dance a lively jig at one of the outdoor festivals or visit the Luminarium, a maze of brightly colored tunnels and domes that would surely send our hearts racing, we’ll settle for an Irish blessing.

On the other hand, we still have a few days before the festivities start. And we’ve always wanted to see a Leprechaun, find a Shillelagh, kiss the stone at Blarney Castle…

Hmmm! Wonder how Irish we really are?

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