Spring Fever

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It’s Saturday. In Carpenter Country that means the copy for the newsletter is due. But this morning the short one is sitting at her desk staring at a blank page–and she can’t figure out why she’s so distracted.

She should be able to pen two hundred words about her week spent furniture shopping. The frustration of searching for a couch that wasn’t tan, brown or black might make a humorous essay.

Or maybe a story about buying a recliner that looked great in the show room–and horrible at home. Surely she could fill a few pages with the crazy thirty mile trip to return the disaster before the store closed at six.

Nope-none of those tales turned her wheel.

Focus, she told herself. Think. There are plenty of things to write about. How about Palm Sunday, St. Paddy’s Day, Easter. Or maybe March winds, azaleas and dogwoods filling the yard with riotous color…

And that’s when the reason for her scatterbrained mood became clear.

She had spring fever.

Well, no help for that, except to go outside and enjoy it.

So, here’s to Happy Springtime. The short one is sorry this is such a short essay. Hopefully when the next one is due, her brain cells will be back in working order and her mind will have stopped wandering.

If not, she’ll take a spoonful of sulfur and molasses.

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