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Lately it seems to be getting harder to read the print in magazines, newspapers and books. Not a good thing since it’s time to renew my driver’s license.

Yesterday, armed with what I thought was all the necessary paperwork–property tax document, voter’s registration, latest passport–I headed out.

“Sorry,” the clerk at the DMV office said, “I also need your Social Security card.”

After I gave her a puzzled look, she showed me the “what to bring” circular–and sure enough, social security card headed the list.

Darn thing should have been in living color instead of small print, I thought.

Image source:

Image source:

Somewhat annoyed with myself for missing the obvious, I went home to pick up the passed-over item. Then, since it was getting late, I decided to Google Carpenter Country’s other motor vehicle office which was closer to home. When the directions popped up (in the usual 8 point font), I did a quick read and rushed back to my car.

All went well until I reached the alleged destination and found the building housed the tag office. The driver’s license bureau was three blocks over.

By this time annoyance had turned into just hoping the DMV vision testing machine had readable characters.

Lucky me, it did.

I aced the required line, said cheese to the camera, and a few minutes later walked into the twilight with a new license.

Too bad the photo makes me look like I’m a hundred and two years old.

Thankfully, the unflattering image is in small print.


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