Article — Shoplifting Prevention Checklist

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Image source: Vectorportal (, via Wikimedia Commons

Image source: Vectorportal (, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s the holiday time of year, and you are ready for business. Decorations brighten your store windows, joyful carols fill the air—and shoplifters stand ready to sing, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Thievery might not be what you want to worry about during the busy shopping season, but it pays to be on guard. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, the cost of shoplifting may be as high as $13 billion a year.

So what can you do to stop sneaky pilferers? Here’s a checklist of preventive measures. How many can you mark off?

ü Employees are trained to be observant.

ü All closed circuit televisions and surveillance cameras cover one or more blind spots.

ü The alarm system is armed and working.

ü Expensive items are under lock and key.

ü Aisles near store exits contain only products large or heavy enough to avoid a “grab and run.”

ü Merchandise is displayed in a neat and orderly fashion for easier monitoring.

ü “Shoplifters will be prosecuted” signs are posted in conspicuous areas.

ü Local business associations and storeowners work together to deter crime.

ü The number for local law enforcement tops the speed-dial list on the business phone.


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