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In the not too distant past, hurricanes slammed into our shores without much warning. Today there are alerts, warnings and tons of advance notice. Yet when a storm hits, many seem to be surprised and unprepared.

Here in Carpenter Country, we recently heard about a disaster plan called Adult Self-Reliance.

Here’s how it works:

First, investigate your options by listening to the latest updates. A hurricane warning means lots of wind is on the way. But your area may get hit–or it may not. This calls for a decision: Evacuate? Or stick it out?

Staying means a trip to a store to search for non-perishable food, bottled water, ice, batteries, and gasoline for the generator and the car.

At home, turn the fridge to high so it’ll keep cool longer when the power goes out. Stash bags of ice in the empty places in the freezer. Charge the cell phone, load batteries in the portable radio and fill the bathtub with water so toilets can be flushed.

Evacuation, on the other hand, requires finding the fastest way to get out of town. Grabbing cash from your emergency supply or stopping at the bank may be necessary to pay for the enforced vacation you’re about to take.

Second, expect the unexpected. Life is full of harrowing storms, but if you’re over fifteen, you’re expected to be an adult about them. Let a challenge be a call to action.

And third, last but not least, note the following AS-R disclaimer: This information is being passed on as a public service. Rely on your own good judgement and prepare for all contingencies. AS-R guarantees nothing.

Like the rest of life, success is up to you.

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