Self Defeat

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Ah, to be a best selling mystery novelist. Here in Carpenter Country, that’s been a goal on the short one’s wish list for quite awhile.

She has lots of ideas. A closet filled with scary characters waiting to be outed. She knows her opening paragraph needs to deliver a punch-boom-wham to engage the reader. Each chapter has to have a certain rhythm to carry it forward. And the ending must wrap up all the details.

What’s more, she has a partner who can help her out if she gets stuck, who’s willing to offer suggestions on how to jazz up a protagonist or give a flat sentence pizzazz.

So, why is she procrastinating?

Because after the final draft is done, she knows she’ll need to find an agent. If the agent likes her work, it could lead to a publisher and a contract. Then there will be revisions, revisions, revisions and more revisions. And even when everything looks perfect it may take a year or more before the book is published.

During that time she’ll have to show the world who she is, why anyone might want to read her book, and that even though she isn’t famous yet, she’s at least one in a million. To do that usually means road trips, yakking with talk show hosts to drum up sales, speaking at writer’s conferences to create a name that draws interest.

It seems becoming a best selling author involves not only the art of writing–but also the art of selling yourself.

And for some that can be more daunting than finding the words to flesh out a mythical serial killer.

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