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Here we are, three weeks into the New Year, and Carpenter Country’s short one is still finding it hard to believe the date on her calendar is 2010.

It seems like only yesterday twenty-ten was the stuff of pulp science fiction–and the comic strip high adventure heroes of the day were Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.

Those guys ruled the future, swash-buckling their way through outer space on rocket ships faster than light. While Buck explored the universe, Flash traveled from meteor-pocked earth to the planet Mongo, where he and his cohorts, Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov cleared the planet of ruthless warlords.

The excitement dulled a bit when the short one found out Flash’s real first name was Steven and Buck had originally been christened Anthony. But as soon as she learned her parents weren’t too thrilled with her heroes’ impossibly daring exploits, their place of honor was restored.

What amazes the short one today is that the science fiction of the past is the reality of the 21st century. Robots, ray guns and nanotechnology already exist. More recently astronomers discovered star systems no one ever knew about. Soon they may find life on a distant world…and then before we know it we’ll not only be reading about other galaxies, we may be moving to one.

Wow–what an adventure that will be!

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