Scared Smart

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Carpenter Country is home to a variety of excellent hiking trails. To get her mind and body back in gear after her recent vacation, the short one decided to walk the path nearest her house.

The morning temperature stood at a cool sixty-five degrees as she ambled along trying to figure out where her cadence had gone. According to a recent study, the natural heel-toe way of walking was supposed to improve balance, muscle strength and mental capacity.

But it seemed she’d lost her rhythmic tempo. And the slow stroll she was doing only threatened to cause muscle ache.

What’s more she was bored. Might as well head home.

Just as she began her U turn, a biker zipped by with a loud “COMING THROUGH!” bellow. Startled, she jumped backwards.

When her heart stopped pounding, she thought, I never heard him until he yelled. Better start paying attention before the next bike that hums by smashes me flat.

Several nervous glances over her shoulder later, she realized the jolt of adrenaline generated by the near miss had zapped her into the elusive beat and swing walk.

On top of that, her brain was now brimming with bright ideas like–what if bikes were equipped with a bell programmed to play the familiar ice-cream-truck-coming-down-the-street melody?

The happy tune would alert trail pedestrians in a more gentle way someone was behind them and about to pass.

Brilliant, she told herself, as she strode to her car.

All it takes to get me walking right and unfog my brain is a good scare.

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