Sales Tax Holiday

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Last weekend, the Sunshine State hosted the first sales-tax-free holiday in three years. But unlike previous events which continued for a week or longer, this one lasted only three days.

Still, things have been so dull in Carpenter Country lately, I just knew shopping for goodies on a tax exempt day would be as exciting as a treasure hunt.

But what was tax free?

A search through the daily newspaper produced a four page tip sheet of very small print. Good thing I started early. It took two days to read most of the yea and nay lists.

Many school supplies under $10 were tax free. That was good, even though I didn’t need any. Clothing costing less than $50 was on the yea list too. Included with the usual coats and dresses were shoes, shorts, hairnets, girdles, corsets and garter belts.

Garter belts! I thought they went out with the dodo bird.

Further reading mentioned manufacturer’s coupons would not reduce the price to below the qualifying $50 amount, but store coupons and discounts would. Anything sold as a unit could not be priced separately. And please note–if any of the exempt items were purchased at a theme park or the airport, they automatically fell into the nay list.

There was more, but my vision blurred and I could only think – this is crazy! Life has enough small-print-decision-making days. Tax free should mean hassle free.

So, State Officials, here are a couple of thoughts for the next event. Print the rules in large type. And make everything tax exempt.

Now that would be a really great treasure hunt.

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