Safe Driving

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Remember high school and Driver’s Ed? Recall how getting into the program was something you looked forward to because the end result could be a driver’s license?

Well, as soon as you hit 50 years of age, you can anticipate the thrill again–but this time the class runs for only two days and instead of a driver’s license you may be eligible for a reduction in your auto insurance premium.

The short refresher course touches on a wide variety of subjects, all related, directly or indirectly, to reminding people how to drive more safely.

Here in Carpenter Country, several personal experiences have led us to accept the fact that as we age we have more driving difficulties than our younger counterparts. Yet sometimes all it takes to improve behind-the-wheel skills is a brush-up–one that prompts us to always expect the unexpected, check for blind spots, ignore road rage and put down the cell phone.

Safe driving benefits everyone on the road. Right now driver safety classes are given to people that have been charged with a traffic violation and for those over 50 who take them voluntarily. Wouldn’t it be great if refresher courses were a requisite for all drivers?

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