Roaring March

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March arrived a few weeks ago, blessing some parts of the country with jonquils and daffodils. Here in Carpenter Country we were favored with higher than normal winds.

While waiting for the roaring lion to be replaced by the gentle lamb, we happened to glance at the calendar–and spotted just one festive occasion: St. Patrick’s Day.

Surely there were other important events in the month that brings springtime? To find out, we hit the history books. Here’s a sampling of what we learned about the third month’s yesteryears:

roman lionFlorida entered the union.

roman lionThe Girl Scouts of America put on their first uniforms.

roman lionThe Early Beatles, an album by the Fab Four, was released.

roman lionThe Star Spangled Banner became our national anthem.

roman lionThe battle of the Alamo ended.

roman lionYellowstone, one of our country’s most beautiful natural wonders, became a park.

roman lionDaylight Saving Time was approved by the U.S. Congress.

roman lionAmerica bought Alaska from Russia.

roman lionAnd, of course, poor Julius Caesar was done in during the Ides.

So much for boring March. Turns out there’s a rich background behind what appeared to be an unremarkable month.

But then, the same could be said for many things that start out wild and end up mild.

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