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How many causes can a ribbon support? Sounds like a silly question, but who knew?

Carpenter Country’s short one didn’t until she stood on the sidelines at a horse show and saw a mare with a red ribbon tied to her tail. She was aware ribbons were used for many reasons, but had never seen one on that part of a horse’s anatomy before.

Curiosity finally made her ask, and she was told a red ribbon meant the horse might kick. She also found out a white ribbon signified a horse was for sale and yellow identified a stallion.

Later, back at the office, she thought of the looped ribbons people enjoy putting on their car bumpers, collars and lapels. What did they all mean?

It turns out awareness ribbons come in numerous colors and can support more than one cause. Many causes share a color and some even use multiple colors. Several causes and colors are quite well known.

For instance, the yellow ribbon tied around a tree in the late 1970’s called attention to the American hostages being held in Iran. Today that color symbolizes support for persons serving in the military.

Other ribbons draw awareness to health issues. Pink signifies breast cancer. Red–heart disease and AIDS. Green–bipolar disorder. Teal–ovarian cancer. Violet–Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Purple or white–Alzheimer’s. White or gray–diabetes and asthma.

There are colored ribbons for causes such as the prevention of child abuse and violence against women, ending homelessness and hunger, promoting free speech and environmental protection–the list goes on and on.

So–how many causes can a ribbon support?

Too many to put in this essay, it seems.

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