Ramblin’ Rose

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Ever feel like you can’t pin anything down?

Here in Carpenter Country, our thoughts rambled all over the place while we tried to figure out what this essay should be about.

Someone said, “Your September calendar is crisscrossed with birthdays. Write about them.”

That led to thoughts about why there were so many births in the Sapphire and Aster month. And could these birth dates be connected to the cold weather, the holiday spirit and Christmas cheer in December?

We struggled to find an answer to that fertile question, but research failed to turn up conclusive proof. So, all we have to say on the subject is–Happy Birthday, all you September babes!

Hurricanes came to mind as our next topic. However, after last year’s three windy sessions, this year’s wipeout in New Orleans and now Rita, hardly anyone (except the weather people) wanted to talk about more storms.

Okay, suppose we take a crack at cooler weather? Or warmer weather?

Carpenter Country has both and they keep alternating. The humming birds are gone, but the butterflies are here. The leaves are flying off the Sycamore, but we’re still wearing shorts.

As our meandering minds continued to jump around, we found ourselves humming the tune “Ramblin’ Rose.”Rose

Could this be our topic?

A quick search led to songsmiths Steve Lawrence and Nat ‘King’ Cole. Both men recorded the song, yet only the late, great Mr. Cole’s version sent “Rose” to the top of the music charts. While that’s hardly enough to fill a page, it does gain us a bit of new knowledge.

Which goes to show–sometimes rambling can be rewarding.

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