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“Raindrops Keep Falling On Our Heads,” is still a popular tune here in Carpenter Country.

Mother Nature, no doubt tired of endless gloom-and-doom tales about the drought that persisted last year, has changed course. She’s now deluging us daily with torrential downpours.

The rain is accompanied by whipping winds and much thunder and lightning. That leads the doom-and-gloomers to complain about power outages, floods, river crestings, and rampant mosquitoes.

The rest of us notice the grass is greener, the flowers are prettier and the drought is over. Oh, yeah, and there are rainbows, too.

Daily afternoon rains also mean we finally have time to indulge ourselves in the magic of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. All 870 wonderful pages.

With apologies to those who see only the dark side of the clouds (and Harry Potter), we’re hopeful it will rain for another two weeks.

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