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To switch or not to switch? That question’s given me a headache since mid-November when my Carpenter Country mailbox started filling up with brochures from Medicare Advantage plans.

For the past eight years, I’ve spent hours every fall comparing whether the coverage offered fits the benefits that are best for me. Yet no matter how many questions I ask, there are still more.

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Should I choose a HMO or a PPO? Do I want money back? Which doctors and hospitals are in the MA plans that service my area?

Even more important, what changes can I expect to see in January? Will whichever plan I chose drop doctors, change services, and/or up premiums? If so, what’s the point of me doing the work in November while the program is still in flux? Why not move the sign-up date to the new year when the rules have been finalized?

The whole procedure is annoying.

And speaking of annoying–how come this is happening in the busiest season of all? Don’t the companies offering these plans know I have better things to do around the holidays than study their “zero everything” brochures?

I guess one day they’ll notice I’ve missed the deadline again.

Oh, well, there’s always next fall. Maybe by then the sign-up for MA plans will be year-round, the fine print will be clear and concise, and I won’t have to ask myself should I or shouldn’t I?

Hope springs eternal.


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