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Questions, questions, the world is full of questions. A few, such as, is the economy going to tank or who will be the next president, seem weighty. Others, like does my hair look okay or what’s on the menu for lunch, may sound more lightweight.

In Carpenter Country, where December through April temperatures often start at a morning low of fifty degrees and climb to eighty by noon, the question most frequently asked by the short one is “what should I wear…?”

The minute the sun clears the lowest building, she can be found rifling through the racks in her clothes closet. Hangers holding tops and bottoms are shoved back and forth as she contemplates her choices. Long sleeves, short sleeves, Bermudas, chinos–it’s so hard to decide.

Taking a minute from her busy search, she looks out the window to check the numbers on the weather thermometer. Anything below sixty calls for a sweater and jeans. But sure as heck in an hour such an outfit will be too warm.

Layers might do better. Maybe a two-piece top over a skirt?

Still not right.

Okay, how about convertibles? Slacks with adjustable length legs. A blouse with sleeves that can be rolled up or down.

That could work. Now, what about shoes, open or closed toe?

Scholars tell us every question is important and none should go unanswered. Somebody might add–except the one that starts with “what should I wear…?”

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