Essay — Positive Feedback

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There once was an elderly lady in Carpenter Country named Mom, who didn’t think she was a senior citizen. She lived with her eighty-year young husband, who also didn’t realize the years had snuck up on him.

Image source: DavidLevinson via Wikimedia Commons

Image source: DavidLevinson via Wikimedia Commons

Their conversations often dovetailed into nudges and smiles as they watched their neighbors stumble around with canes or complain about an ache here or a pain there.

At the end of these sessions, they’d glance at me and ask, “Don’t you think we look better?”

I’d nod a yes–but I spent a lot of time wondering why they enjoyed faultfinding every senior citizen in their neighborhood.

Then the other day I came across an article about teens who constantly criticize their own bodies. At first I thought–what nutty behavior. Then I read further and realized this strange activity was actually making them feel like part of the crowd.

I know the experts frown on any sort of character assassination, and people bashing shouldn’t be encouraged, but what the heck…happy is happy.

Yesterday, a friend said, “I guess I’m not as young as I’d like to be.”

I quickly replied, “Not true.” And then added, “As for me–I’ll never look as good as I used to.”

My friend smiled and said, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Wow, I thought, Mom and Dad were really onto something–and so are today’s teens.

When done right–positive feedback is absolutely exhilarating!


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