Popular Delusions

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Despite repeated poll results indicating that Americans hold a dim view of the media, Popular Delusions Magazine continues to add subscribers.

“We know what our readers expect,” says Maykup Urownfaqs, the magazine’s current editor, explaining the success of Popular Delusions. “We work hard to present the truth exactly as we want people to see it.”

Popular Delusions, an off-color daily magazine, made its debut at the Dawn Of Time, the first known convention of rumor-spreaders. Originally self-published, the magazine was later acquired by Mass Media, a conglomerate of world-wide communications companies. In the early years, Popular Delusions relied upon word of mouth to expand its reach. Today, content is published primarily on the Internet.

Regular sections include stories not intended to be factually true about political, economic, ecological, and science topics. A particularly well-liked recurring column features the observations and witty remarks of Provoke Themasses, a fiery commentator who expounds on what never was and what will never be.

Though critics frequently point out errors in Popular Delusions, fans remain undeterred.

“They can say what they want. I know what I believe,” retorts one enthusiastic supporter. “Popular Delusions will be around forever.”

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