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It’s only March, but already famous and infamous politicians headline the news with promises of what they’ll do for you.

Here in Carpenter Country, the bossy one is thinking of running for public office. She’s good at pulling all the strings and would enjoy having an inside track in the administration of government.

Then there are the rewards that go with being powerful. Even politicians on the lowest notch of the totem pole can claim gratis parking at the airport and an occasional paid business trip. Climbing the political ladder means additional freebies such as golf tee time, plane tickets and frequent junkets to Hawaii for conferences to discuss taxpayer business.

Reaching the top adds more perks like complimentary rides on Air Force One, generous medical care and wonderful retirement benefits. Quite honestly, who could resist free staff, Secret Service protection and franking privileges?

But there is one downside to being a candidate–having to deal with all the love/hate controversy from friend and foe without blinking a public eye.

Our diehard insists that forging through praise and ridicule while flashing a winning smile is just part of being a successful office seeker–and when she throws her hat in the ring she hopes you’ll vote for her so she can work for you.

How’s that for a horsefeathers and poppycock stump speech? Sounds like she has campaigning down pat.

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