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The May 17th issue of Carpenter Country’s newsletter posted the short one’s essay about political campaigning titled: Is It Over Yet? The story was a wee bit critical of the greatest show on earth’s two year run.

Now, forty-six days from the final countdown, the elephants and donkeys are still at it and working even harder for every vote. At home, at the office, anywhere there’s a television screen, citizens are greeted with a daily dose of the politicos verbally attacking each other’s ideas.

The din and clamor of the past few weeks had the short one thinking about adding the following line to her original essay: And here are a few more complaints.

But the addition wasn’t necessary because yesterday two “Very Important Surveys” arrived in the mail.

Her first reaction was–great! At last the powers-that-be want my opinion. Boy, could she think of a lot of things to say.

Unfortunately, the check boxes consisted of three choices. Yes. No. Undecided. What sort of opinion was undecided?

When she read the closing line-Please complete the survey, and be generous, enclose a LARGE CONTRIBUTION–she had her answer.

Across the bottom of each questionnaire, she wrote: Stop sending literature. Get off the phone and the stump. Use those billions of $$$s you’ve already collected to ease some of our country’s problems.

Will anyone read her remarks? Probably not.

But being able to send politicians a large wordy contribution on how to become fiscally responsible sure is fun.

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