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Remember the good old days when you could buy an item off the store shelf and be sure what was pictured on the outside of the box matched what was inside?

Last week, I upgraded my computer to high-speed internet. The tech who did the work said if I wanted to connect my second computer, Walmart had all the parts and the instructions in one carton, and I could do the hookup myself for less money.

Since frugal is my middle name, I thought, why not?

At the store, I explained what I wanted to do and a busy associate aimed me at a box with the image of a wireless router printed on the side.

When I got home and lifted the lid, I found an unidentifiable object, a balled up grey cable and a frayed phone wire. What the heck? This weird stuff wasn’t anything like the illustration on the box.

Back at the store, I explained the situation to the clerk at the exchange desk, and then again to the guy behind the electronics counter. I could tell by the raised eyebrows and the strange looks, everyone thought I was the one who’d pulled the switcheroo.

Just then the associate who’d helped me the first time came around the corner. “Yes,” he said to the other clerk, “The plastic packaging was missing when I sold her the product. I should have looked inside, but I didn’t.”

Problem solved, thanks to an honest salesperson. And lesson learned–

–Skip the picture on the box and check for shrink-wrap.

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