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Here’s a Carpenter Country certainty: Perseverance pays off.

We were reminded of that truism just this week, when a well-known museum advertised an exhibit that sounded interesting. We picked a date, equipped ourselves with a printout of directions and prices from the museum’s web site, jumped in the car and headed south.

After a traffic-filled ride on the Interstate that included a missed exit, we arrived at our destination. Two slow trips around the crowded parking lot finally led to an empty slot.

A quick trek through an arcade jammed with teens in the throes of noisy enjoyment brought us to the ticket counter–and the admission fees.

Whoa! What happened to the web site pricing? The charge displayed was almost double the amount that had been advertised.

We asked about the special rate anyway, only to be told there was no chance of getting into the exhibit unless we bought the whole tour, or waited until 5:00 P.M.

Like rational decision makers, we headed back to the car.

There we discovered the computer printout. We retraced our steps, presented our information and asked nicely if it could be honored.

After some hemming, hawing and fiddling, the ticket agent handed over passes that would admit us to the exhibit we wanted to see, at only two dollars more than we’d expected to pay.


Grabbing our prize, we hurried through the doors and spent two fascinating hours looking, listening and learning about the human body. We emerged educated and awed by an experience we might have missed, if not for a little persistence.

Hmmm, wonder what cliché we should set our sights on next?

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