Perfectly Adjusted

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Sometimes things need to be tuned up.

That’s why, after the painless procedure of having my hearing aids adjusted for better sound quality, I’d continued my maintenance regime by calling the doctor’s office for a physical. Happily the results turned out to be trouble-free, too.

So now I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, about to have a molar filled. This was the last item on my list and I’d been ignoring it all summer because the whine of the drill always made me cringe.

Why am I doing this? I wondered. I could be swimming in one of Carpenter Country’s cool springs, taking a boat ride or tubing down the river…

My thoughts were cut off as the drill descended and started whirring. Wow, that thing was loud!

I tried not to squirm, but I must have stiffened.

"Are you okay?" the dentist asked.

Since my mouth was packed with cotton, the assistant’s fingers, and gadgets too numerous to mention, talking was out of the question. I nodded instead.

Once again the drill rocked my brain, the noise cutting through my head like a buzz-saw. I blinked, gagged and finally waved my hands.

The dentist backed away. "What’s the matter?"

"The drill," I gurgled. "It’s ear-splitting."

A frown creased her brow. "Can’t be," she said. "This is the quietest model they make."

I sat up straighter, ready to argue…and that’s when I realized what the problem was.

I’d forgotten to remove my recently fine-tuned, perfectly adjusted, hearing aids.

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