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Grandma always said pet peeves should be aired. It was her opinion that when held in they tend to fester and upset digestion.

Here in Carpenter Country we like to keep our moods happy and our stomachs quiet. If listing small annoyances will accomplish that, we’re willing give it a try.

Accordingly, we are displeased with:

down arrowServer error messages telling us it’s our fault when we can’t get on line.

down arrowWeather forecasters, who cover themselves all summer with the same forecast: 50% chance of rain and 70–90 degree temperatures.

down arrowThe high cost of medical care and prescription drugs.

down arrowNewspapers and newscasters using put-down language about presidential candidates in an attempt to sway us. We can make up our own minds.

down arrowHighways under constant repair.

down arrowPeople who are nice one day and surly the next. Never know how to take them.

down arrowAnd the dampness and humidity of July and August.

There, that takes care of the grumps–and gives us brain-space to remember something else Grandma used to say: Every pet peeve should be offset by a pet pleasure.

So, we like:

up arrowChecks in the mail.

up arrow Deadlines met on time.

up arrow Wal-Mart’s hassle-free exchange/return policy.

up arrow Computers and printers that work like they should.

up arrow Sunny days. Sandy beaches.

up arrow Iced tea, lemonade, friends.

up arrow And all our subscribers.

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