Paying Bills

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It’s the middle of August, but in Carpenter Country vacations are over and it’s time to pay the bills. Wow, the short one’s only been gone for two weeks and there’s a mountain of them.

A glance through the pile shows the insurance company’s been busy raising rates. Ditto the electric company. And of course, going up, up, up are those ugly credit card bills listing ever-higher gasoline charges.

A quick look at the bank statement confirms available funds will cover this month’s debt. But what if prices keep rising? According to the media, all’s not well in America’s backyard, so it could be a long haul until there’s any good news.

Better write a few checks before poverty sets in.

Hold it, the short one thinks. No need to panic. But definitely time to regroup and dust off those great money saving tips from yesteryear.

A rose-colored idea that translates into more than chicken feed and peanuts is pushing the a/c thermostat to a higher number. Another is shopping closer to home. Less driving means fewer fill-ups, fewer oil changes, fewer new tires–plus the car will last longer.

Or for an even bigger bang the short one could start walking to the grocery store. Exercise might morph into getting thinner, which could warp into vim, vigor and big piles of greenbacks.

Oh happy day, with all the cash she’s saving, making it to the next pay check will be a breeze.

And she’ll be healthier when she gets there.

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