Old is New

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Everything old is new again.

Here in Carpenter Country we were reminded of that phrase when we received a letter from our doctor asking if we wanted to sign up for concierge medical care.

The letter explained that for a set fee of several hundred dollars a month–each–we’d be entitled to unlimited office visits. As much time as needed with the doctor. Immediate appointments and maybe even house calls.

The cynic among us recalled an era when house calls were common practice, and most family doctors stayed for hours with sick patients.

In those golden days, your doctor knew your family, your history, and when he gave advice and thought you were ignoring it, he didn’t hesitate to call your relatives. If a trip to the hospital was needed, and you resisted, the doctor insisted.

When you were pregnant, normal or past due, he called to see how you were feeling. After delivering the baby, he shook hands with your husband, grinned at you, then whooped down the hall of the maternity wing like a proud grandfather.

As for office visits–there was always enough time scheduled to explain your problem. Plus on most occasions the doctor sent you home with these wonderful words: You’re cured.

And the cost for all this good and friendly care–about seven dollars a visit. Which brings to mind another saying: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Maybe someone should add–only to a certain point.

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