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Here in Carpenter Country, the short one’s been sneaking away from her desk whenever possible to work outside. But this month it’s too hot and humid to pull weeds and plant flowers. Which means it’s time to stay indoors where it’s cool and spruce up her workspace.

So what exactly needs sprucing up?

A glance around the office offers lots of ideas. Clear the clutter off her desk. Organize files. Paint the walls. All good options except painting makes the short one sneeze and filing puts her to sleep.

How about buying some new furniture? That would give the whole room a different look and take the least amount of work.

A Google search turns up the perfect item–a recliner, (what could be better?) top half fabric, bottom leather. Except the leather only comes in dark brown. Well, that won’t match the burgundy colored desk chair she’s using now, and which she’s decided to keep as a spare.

Other web sites show the same easy-to-work-in-for-hours seat…with the same dark brown leather. Doesn’t anyone have something in burgundy?

It seems not.

How about a trip to town to visit a few stores? Maybe in person the colors will be more alike than different. Besides, seeing before buying is always good. What’s bad is that running around to office outlets will burn a lot of gas. And with prices at $4 a gallon…

Scratch driving, instead order the new recliner on-line and have it delivered. If the brown really is brown donate the old burgundy chair to charity.

Yep. That’s a go, and the best idea this old gal’s had all week.

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