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In a few more months, 2012 will be over, and so far this has been a busy year for my writing partner and me. Our first published novel, The SkyHorse, debuted in March, and we’ve been doing almost non-stop publicity ever since.

Between writing blogs and answering interview questions (a job my partner is much better at than I am), we’ve also managed to add three more stories and three more heroes to our unpublished fiction collection.

There’s Jack, who rediscovers the fountain of youth and finds he can fall in love again.

Josey, a girl who travels back in time to recover a pirate treasure, tumbles for a handsome privateer, and eventually has to leave him behind.

And Vandy–she reinvents Thoreau’s stay at Walden Pond, discovers that her father and the guy she’s engaged to are not nearly as great as she thought they were, but carries on to a happy ending.

I’d tell you about some of the other twists and turns that befall each hero, but I don’t have time. As soon as our teen tales leave Carpenter Country and find a publisher, my creative cohort will be looking for new writing projects.

I just hope she hasn’t seen the NANOWriMO November challenge. I don’t mind being busy, but before we start to write a 50,000-word manuscript, or begin another novel, I’m taking a break.

After all, it’s October and I have a costume to finish.

So, happy trick or treating–

–and Happy Halloweening!


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