November Days

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In preparation for this week’s newsletter, Carpenter Country’s short one looked up the meaning of the word November. To her great surprise she learned the eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar actually meant ninth month in Latin.

Did the Topaz and Chrysanthemum month hold any other surprises? Better check the thirty day listing. Great–no unexpected events, only the following good news items:

  • The first smile happens on November 2nd with the end of Daylight Saving Time. It will be wonderful to gain an hour’s sleep and wake up to bright morning sunshine.
  • On the heels of that joyful bulletin comes November 4th. As always, whichever candidate wins on Election Day, he’ll be greeted with a rousing rendition of Hail to the New Chief–and from most voters an especially big “thank goodness it’s over.”
  • The next celebration, Veterans Day, takes place on November 11th. Originally called Armistice Day to commemorate the end of the 1918 hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany, the day has evolved into a time to offer thanks to those who have served, and are now serving, in our Armed Forces.

November also sparkles with craft fairs, bazaars, festivals, crazy Red Hat luncheons and Thanksgiving. On top of that, it’s Adopt a Senior Pet month.

While the short one has no plans to adopt any pets, she does plan to enjoy all of the eleventh month’s other doings–

–after she pays the tax bill that just dropped into her mailbox–a forgotten surprise on November’s calendar.

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