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Noise! Noise! Noise!

At the office computers beep, phones ring, faxes clack. On the highway cars rumble by. Rescue vehicles, sirens screaming, add to the clamor–a welcome clamor if you need help–but noise nonetheless.

Here in Carpenter Country the din seems to be getting louder each day. So loud in fact, it often makes concentrating difficult.

And going out for lunch offers little relief. Blaring music, shouted conversations and the clatter of dishes can blank out all thoughts.

Sometimes silence can be found at home–usually during the middle of the night when the rattle of the dishwasher, the drone of the refrigerator, the whoosh of the washer and bang-slap of the dryer have finished their work. In the early morning hours a beach, a park or a quiet backyard can help ease the transition into the boom and bellow of every day life.

Most doctors and researchers agree that noise hurts and everyone needs an oasis to regroup. In Carpenter Country there are still a few secluded spots where we can watch the silent passage of fleecy clouds, birds winging across the sky or shadows scooting soundlessly over grass.

If you have such a peaceful place–relax and enjoy. And break the stillness with only a murmured sigh of relief.

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