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Last week I asked a few acquaintances who are still in the workforce when they thought they might retire. Their answer, a unanimous–Never!

Wow, had I missed a new trend? Or maybe they thought endless traveling, cruising, beaching, and playing was boring? But how would they know if they planned to work forever?

Before I put that question into words, I checked a few blog posts for answers.

The For Retirement crowd weighed in with–Retirement is great! You’ll live longer if you take the golden parachute.

The Against Retirement crowd’s words of wisdom were–Work’s the best! You’ll live longer if you keep your spurs on.

As usual, there was very little consensus. So, even though nobody’s asked–I’ll give you my unbiased opinion.

Most retirees I know are happy doing what they’re doing. They may not have Captain Hook’s trunkful of silver coins, but they have the time to read Peter Pan to their grandkids, travel, sit in the sun, volunteer, or do whatever revs their motor. And if the pirate’s trunk needs a few extra coins, work is always an option.

As for me, years ago, before I found my purpose and passion, I too, said, Never! Yet over time I learned a small amount of employment coupled with a giant slice of retirement keeps me happy.

And now if you want more of my insightful wisdom (or two cents worth of unsolicited advice) you’ll find me in Carpenter Country–

–where the fun never ends.


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