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Mothers can be charming, agreeable, decisive, direct and occasionally tart. In Carpenter Country, the short one’s mom had all those personality traits, plus one more–she was an unabashed debater.

When Mom asked a question, and anyone was foolish enough to give her an answer, she’d immediately counter with one or more opposing points of view. That caused a back and forth that usually ended with this terse remark–“Why ask if you’ve already made up your mind?”

Unfortunately the ‘why’ question was never answered, and now the confabs are history. Only speculation about what might have been in Mom’s mind remains.

Was she just a woman who liked to disagree on any and every subject? Did she ask for an opinion, then counter with her own, because she wanted to influence events? Could it be she was only thinking aloud? Or maybe she was lonely and just needed to talk.

Whatever the reason, these days she’s appreciated for the woman she was–and those who knew her often wish she were still around to start a few more lively debates.

So here’s an early Happy Mother’s Day greeting–to the great debater and to Moms everywhere.

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