Mother’s Day

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It’s almost Mother’s Day and here in Carpenter Country we’d like to send a greeting to every woman in the world.

Some of you may not think of yourselves as Moms. You may feel only those ladies who have raised children should be celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

Not true!

To use a famous comic’s opening line–You’re a Mom if you’ve ever:

Taken in a stray dog or cat.

Saved a baby bird.

Rescued a whale.

Tried to revive a dying butterfly.

Fed a hungry squirrel.

And yes, you’re a mom if you’ve simply staked up a drooping flower.

The list could go on forever, but we’d run out of space. What the words boil down to is nurturing, and women do it so well.

Over the centuries those who never thought of themselves as Moms have most likely saved, fostered and reared to adulthood countless millions of babies of every species.

Sure, there are some who are better at tending, supporting and sustaining than others. We even know a few who confess they really bottom-out at motherhood.

But what does it matter? Good, bad, traditional or unconventional, all women deserve to be honored on May 14th. Without us the world would be an empty place.

So, to everyone whose gender is female…

Happy Mother’s Day!

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