Mother’s Day Redux

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Tomorrow is the day we celebrate our mothers. But what if your relationship with mom is rocky? Maybe you feel she’s too judgmental, too disapproving, so the two of you engage in a constant power struggle.

Here in Carpenter Country, the short one hates to admit she felt that way about her mom. Unfortunately it’s too late to change what was. Sometimes there are no second chances. But if there were–here’s what she’d say.

Mom, if I ever run into you on top of that puffy white cloud over the rainbow, I’m going to apologize for not being more compassionate whenever you complained about an ache or a pain.

For thinking if you paid a little more attention when I was talking you would have heard what I was saying.

For failing to realize the frown crinkling your forehead–which I always saw as a scowl–was actually a wrinkle of concentration.

For being impatient when you forgot a name or lost a thought.

For rolling my eyes every time you said, “Wait ‘til you get to be my age.”

To this day I don’t know why I found that sentence so incredibly annoying. What I do know is I showed little sympathy for what I perceived as an overworked excuse.

You also used to tell me I’d miss you when you were gone.

I should have said the words you wanted to hear. The words I seldom liked to say-–

“Yes, Mom. You are so right.”

Happy Mother’s Day–once more.

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