Mother’s Day

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Here in Carpenter Country, some of us are moms and some of us aren’t. Either way, we were all someone’s child once and we all have or have had a mother. We celebrate Mother’s Day for her.

Like desserts, moms come in all shapes and sizes: Short, tall, wide, narrow, sweet, sour, good, bad.

Some love their kids beyond belief. They are patient, calm, unperturbed by calamities both large and small. Others become exasperated, agitated and irritated by even the smallest mishap.

Children, however, arrive in one size: small! From there they grow into lots of different body shapes–and dispositions. Early on, those dispositions are the same as Mom’s. But it’s only a matter of time before cuddly babies grow into gangly teens. Some pass through this stage never giving Mom a bit of trouble. Others like to shock with piercings, green hair and tattoos.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mother Nature was less contrary and children and moms got along with each other, from the first day to the last?

Well, given age and time, it does happen. Kids grow up and their temperament begins to resemble, more and more, the lady they tried to be different from. The biggest shock of all arrives the day they realize–ready or not, bad or good–they’ve turned into…her.

For those who still have a mom, let her know you care with a card, a call or a hug. She’ll appreciate it.

For the rest of us–our moms will live forever in our hearts.

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