Essay — Monetary Dieting

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Christmas spending was over. Cash funds were low. Holiday feasting had ended. Weight gain was high. It was once again time to plot my financial and caloric count. And since the old methods always fell by the wayside before the end of January, I needed a completely new approach.

But what was new?

I’m glad you asked, because last week I decided to try out a plan I’d just devised.

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To help lose weight and cut my spending, I bought a logbook. Since eating less and spending less boil down to budgeting, I planned to use the same journal for both items. One glance would tell me if my food intake or financial outflow were becoming too weighty, and I’d cut back.

I called the plan Monetary Dieting. After all, if it worked there might be a market.

In less than three days, I could see my combined financial and weight reduction strategy had a problem. While monetary dieting sounded like fun, practicing portion control, which could take up to a year until it became a part of my everyday life, would be a challenge.

So, I’m asking–does anyone want to join me and become a leaner eater and shopper? If so, this is the sign-up sheet.

My thought is that by working together, we should all have slim-trim bottom lines by next Christmas.

And, of course, when the program goes commercial, I’ll share the wealth.


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