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What’s on your mobile phone bill? If there are new charges you don’t remember authorizing, you may be getting crammed.

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Federal Trade Commission reforms have put a crimp in landline “cramming”, the term used when third parties put unauthorized charges on your phone bill. Now the agency is getting tough on the same problem with mobile service.

Earlier this year, the FTC took legal action against a Georgia company that allegedly billed millions of dollars of unauthorized charges on mobile phone bills for text-message based subscription services such as horoscope alerts, and “love tips.”

If you’re a victim of cramming, the first step is to contact the company that put the charge on your bill and request removal and reimbursement. Not productive? Contact your phone company and ask them to take the charge off.

Still unsuccessful? If the charges are for phone services between states or internationally, you can file a free, on-line complaint with the Federal Communications Commission at the FCC-dot-gov website. For telephone services within your state, file a complaint with your public service commission. For non-telephone services charged to your phone bill, you’ll find an on-line complaint form at the FTC-dot-gov web site.


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