Middle Ground

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Despite a long history of unsuccessful prior efforts, the US government is once again attempting to map Middle Ground, a diplomatic high water mark located near Peace Talks, a small meeting place south of Peace Itself.

Lack of precise coordinates for Middle Ground, which has shifting topography and borders, has torpedoed multiple trailblazing excursions. While many roads lead to the area, Middle Ground is a hazardous maze of deep canyons, high cliffs, and dangerous switchbacks. There are no directional signs, and all previous explorers have gotten lost in the wilderness.

The White House believes this expedition to Middle Ground will be different.

“We know the lay of the land,” says Bin Herebefore, a spokesperson for the White House. “We’re prepared to chart a new course.”

Skeptics say the government is underestimating how challenging the terrain in Middle Ground is, while at the same time overestimating their own ability to navigate the area.

“Nothing is certain in Middle Ground,” says one critic. “This is not going to be a walk in the park.”

Mr. Herebefore acknowledges the difficulty of mapping Middle Ground. Still, he says another effort is necessary, adding, “The path from Peace Talks to Peace Itself crosses through Middle Ground.”

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