Memory Matters

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Here in Carpenter Country the latest good read was Nora Ephron’s book I Feel Bad About My Neck. It’s a funny essay crowded with commentary on topics that include aging, wrinkled necks and gray hair. The Carpenter Country mirror reflects a few laugh lines and silvery strands, too.

Scary, but bearable.

What’s more worrisome are those nutty senior moments when brains turn to mush while trying to do two things at the same time. Or having so many lists that the relevant one is lost in the shuffle. Forgetting names is no fun either.

And then there are the days when the car keys go missing.

Or worse.

Like last week at the gas station, an episode that involved leaping out of the driver’s seat, pushing the lock button and slamming the door–before realizing the key was still in the ignition.

But wait a minute. If memory serves correctly (smile), the exact same incident happened years ago, before gray hair and wrinkled necks. It should also be noted forgetting names has been a life-long predicament. And teens in the clan forget wallets frequently, too.

So it seems younger people are plagued by senior moments too. Whew! No more worrying about the big ‘A’!

Hanging on to that thought will probably stave off an anxiety attack while wandering around a crowded parking lot looking for the car.

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