Max The Cat

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Over the years Carpenter Country has been home to a lot of animals. But the short one’s favorite story is about a gray and white tabby who nearly outwitted her.

It happened on the morning he had an appointment at the cat hospital to be neutered.

As departure time approached, Max was nowhere to be found. His usual hideout–behind the living room drapes–was empty. A check of his other haunts turned up no sign of him either.

When the hands on the clock stood at ten and she still hadn’t found him, she phoned the animal hospital. “It’s okay,” the vet said. “Some cats are very perceptive. Bring him in whenever he turns up.”

The short one continued to search. After she’d covered the entire house, filled and rattled his food dish, called, cajoled and yelled, and still found nothing, she knew it was time to try a different strategy.

Letting out a weary breath, she sat down on the sofa and said loudly, “Looks like Max missed his doctor’s appointment.”

Two minutes later her AWOL feline sauntered into the room and rubbed against her legs. To this day, she swears he was grinning like the Cheshire cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Before he could figure out what was really going on, she scooped him up, gave him a fond pat on the head, put him into his carrier and headed out the door.

To outwit a smart cat you sometimes have to be just a little bit devious.

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