Making My Day

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Which was it, sales pitch or flirting? That was the question.

It started when I noticed an article in the newspaper featuring the most energy efficient house in Carpenter Country. Since I’m always looking, I decided to see what this wonderful model had to offer.

The house sat on a nice sized lot, and inside I found an interior decked out in the latest design features. "But," I wondered aloud, as I looked upward, "how can twelve foot ceilings be energy efficient?"

My comment was answered by the builder, who stepped in from another room and said around a well-worn grin, "This house has gas."

"Oh, great," I replied, playing along. "I love houses with gas, haven’t owned one in forty years."

"Do you like wine?" he asked.

The subject switch stopped me…was he flirting or was this a line from the latest sales manual?

He pressed on. "Red or white?"

Flirting, I decided. What fun, no one’s flirted with me in decades. "Both," I said.

He handed me a form and pointed at a cardboard box. "Fill this out and drop it in the slot. We’re holding a drawing."

Oh, heck, just when I was getting into the swing of things, he’d reverted to good salesperson mode. I scribbled my name and headed for the door, only to hear him say, "Wait! You’ve won the contest."

Five minutes later, I was driving home, happily cradling two large bottles of wine.

So, was he flirting or polishing his sales pitch? And do I care?

Nope–either way, he made my day.

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