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There is no official Love Week. But since most of the past week’s daily news was a downer, it just seemed like a good time to search for a few upbeat holidays.

So, here’s what popped up on Carpenter Country’s calendar starting on July 18th. I hope you didn’t miss any of the fun.

Sunday/National Ice Cream Day–Who invented this cool snack? That’s a question mark. But, thanks to President Reagan, the third Sunday in July has become the day to eat lots of the yummy treat.

Monday/National Hug Your Kid Day–Last year a special day was established by Nevada’s Governor Jim Gibbons in memory of Mark Nichols. The youngster lost his life to cancer–and his family wants to remind you to hug your kids every day.

Tuesday/National Lollipop Day–This sweet confectionary comes in tons of flavors. Candy lovers advise eating as many as you can put in your mouth at one time.

For some reason, there was no holiday on Wednesday. I almost named it Nurse Jane Day since that’s when the guy who shares my space had hernia surgery. But he’d rather forget that ever happened, so I called it a day of rest–which made it easier to get through Thursday/Spooners Day without too many slips of the tongue.

Friday dawned on Hot Dog Day. I found bunches of data about wieners. Yet, though millions are bought and eaten each year, no one has stepped up to the plate to proclaim this a national holiday.

And a good thing too–because Gorgeous Grandma Day was supposed to fall in the same time slot.

Unfortunately, information about the origin of a day celebrating gorgeous grannies was very scarce. Does that mean dogs in a bun are more popular?

Now that could end Love Week and start a grandma’s revolution.


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