Longing for a Skinny Minute

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Here’s this week’s message from Carpenter Country: The short one wants to thank all of you for yelling–Boy, she’s getting fat! Unfortunately, the chorus of cheers hardly removed an ounce, so the time has come to get really serious about shedding those extra pounds.

The only solution–go to the Y and sign up for aerobics. Hopefully stretching, bending and leaping around will help a narrower image emerge.

The first class happened yesterday and here’s how it went.

The warm-up had already begun when the short one walked into the gym. She tossed her mat and water bottle onto a chair as the instructor waved her to a place in the lineup–thankfully at the back of the class where no one would see her from the rear–at least until her hips had shrunk two inches.

The next forty-five minutes included jumping jacks, throwing punches, jogging in place, reaching for the ceiling, inhaling, exhaling, then doing the whole routine twice more.

By the time she finished, her heart rate was up and she was sweating.

But wait, it wasn’t over yet…there was still mat work.As she lowered herself to the floor, she thought–this may knock the pounds off if it doesn’t kill me first.

Fifteen minutes later, she struggled to her feet. Did she feel any thinner? Nope, not yet. Oh, well, maybe hammering out a new image would take longer than expected.

As the saying goes-hope springs eternal…

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